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The Knights of Columbus is pleased to release the new Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. To better understand the ceremony, please view the following link where the Supreme Knight presents the reasons for the change and the process that developed it. The link includes a video of the ceremony.   Councils may use the new ceremony with permission of the State Deputies.  The script can be downloaded from this link

If you are holding degrees in old or new format pleas advise the Diocesan Association so that we can share the degree dates and help promote unity of effort.

 Degrees planned:

SUN. FEB.23, after the 7pm Mass. St. Paul the Apostle, Council 9652, on at St. Paul's.  For new candidates, as well as current 1st & 2nd degree members. All will be present for the ceremony (40 min), and will attain 3rd degree membership.  Please attend the 7pm Mass, to avoid delaying ceremony.
 Necessary Requirements :
1) for New Candidates; Candidates Kit; (rosary, pin & info. If not brought; it will be provided, at cost to the council)
2) All Need - 3rd degree member cards  (signed by GK & FS) to be given at end of ceremony.
3) Blazer, shirt, tie & name tag preferred for all Knights present.
4) All 1st & 2nd degree participants, please wear your 3rd degree pins, to signify your status as an already admitted Knight.
Council Gks/FS Please .. register your candidates or 1st & 2nd degree members, ASAP. ONLY register those who will attend. State full name, member #, current degree status of your participants; to Dale Tuepah, asap.
***Remember ..all members & their family members are encouraged to attend, to witness & support those men in the ceremony. A social will follow.

Tues 11 Feb 7 PM at Holy Name of Jesus (please arrive 10 min beforehand) in St Joseph Room (our council room) in Mgr. Raby House beside Holy Name of Jesus Church. Wear your name tag.  At 7:30 PM with the ceremony completed we will continue on with our Knights Council Meeting, please confirm by Thursday 1600 hrs 7 Feb to the  Doors will be locked at 7 PM

Sunday 23 Feb 10 AM (please arrive 15 min beforehand) at Holy Family Chapel at CFB Kingston. At this ceremony you will be able to bring your spouse, children and relatives. All future ceremonies of this degree will be open to the public.  Please confirm by Mon 17 Feb to Doors will be locked at 10 AM.

Patriotic Degree

For FAQs about the new degree please read the information provided at this link.

The list below is base upon information received from our Diocesan Association membership. If you are aware of additional degrees or updated information.  Send us a poke.  We don't know what we don't know.  We know what others tell us!

for Degrees in the GTA area there is a listing available at


For degrees in the London West Diocesan Association area follow the link

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